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Pickleball & Vacations in Puglia (Italy): Named Best Region in the World

When we talk about Puglia it is as if we suddenly united in a single word the extraordinary combination of wonderful landscapes, unique places in the world, enchanting beaches, typical dishes, culture, and above all fantastic emotions, those that you feel every time you arrive in this splendid region and then when you leave.

Pickleball & Tours, travels, Vacations in Puglia (Italy)

Considered for the second time the most beautiful region in the world, Puglia once again is named the "Best Value Travel Destination in the world" award recognized by National Geographic, and also reconfirmed by Lonely Planet and the New York Times.

But what will make this region so special? Perhaps its history combined with the wonder of its places, perhaps the Caribbean color of its sea, or the warm and welcoming climate of its land, or even the authenticity of extraordinary places such as Polignano a Mare, of suggestive villages such as Alberobello and Locorotondo , or UNESCO heritage sites such as Castel Del Monte.

In reality, it is almost impossible to draw up a list of the most beautiful places or simply to have a precise answer to this question, but all this undoubtedly makes it the most beautiful region in the world both for the international newspapers mentioned above and for tourists coming from every corner of our planet.

Pickleball & Tours, travels, Vacations in Puglia (Italy)

In fact, it is not easy to explain what it feels like to visit Puglia or live there, for those who are lucky enough to enjoy its splendor day after day, but in case it is not yet on your bucket list, it is good that you start to become a MUST of the next places to visit.

Walk through the streets of Bari Vecchia and observe the Apulian women preparing the famous Orecchiette (Pasta) to feel transported in an instant into true traditions, or taste typical dishes in the characteristic Trulli (typical buildings), or even watch those sunsets that seem painted on the waves of the sea and then get lost in the immensity of its splendid waters they will only be a small part of everything you will think of when you talk about Puglia, and then talking about these inexplicable sensations will always be a dive into memories that will warm your heart, whenever you need them. When all this global uncertainty is over, and we can finally go back to marveling and filling our eyes with the beauty of the world, this region will offer you everything you need to daydream.

Pickleball Vacations, Puglia, Italy

Fortunately, even in Puglia, Pickleball is spreading and many PB courts are born on this land. This represent a unique occasion to all International Pickleball players that really want to practice this sport flavoring the Mediterranean air and, why not, tasting all the specialties of this Region as soon as the activities on the playground end!

Pickleball Italy Trip has already organized everything to make your Pickleball Vacation in Puglia (Italy) the best union between Pickleball Activities and visiting the best places of Puglia!

Pack your paddle, we are just waiting for you!

Pickleball & Tours, travels, Vacations in Puglia (Italy)

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