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Why a Pickleball Travel in Basilicata, Italy?

Basilicata is a land for true travel connoisseurs: A land to be observed calmly.

Pickleball vacation Italy

This region is not intensively anthropized and this allows you to experience authorial journeys among the beauties of ancient cities and people, who still remain far from modern urbanization and industrialization. And where, among other things, a charm and history that are still alive are preserved.

There are many things to see in Basilicata: seas, mountains, valleys, canyons, which are the frame of a heritage of rare grace and harmony.

In addition to the breathtaking landscapes, the extraordinary beauty of the cities strikes anyone who visits them: in these places, in fact, it seems that time has completely stopped.

Pickleball Travel Italy

One of the most beautiful cities in Basilicata is certainly Matera: in April 2023 it was considered the Italian city most appreciated by foreign tourists.

Matera has a beauty that surprises and enchants. The city seen from afar is a symphony of beige and gray that harmonizes perfectly with the landscape,

while inside a labyrinth of streets and

stairs leads to the discovery of houses and churches entirely dug into the rock, suggestive caves guardians of glimpses of rock-life.

In fact, it is no coincidence that many Hollywood directors have chosen to set their movies in Basilicata: Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ (2004), 007's No Time to Die (2021), Ben-Hur, (2016) and many others….

Pickleball holiday Italy

Furthermore, when someone says the word “Basilicata” it is impossible not to think of its aromas and flavours: the mind, together with the taste buds and emotions, recall the quality of the food and wine produced in this ancient region.

In fact, already the Latins (one of many the poet “Orazio da Venosa”) wrote about the delicacies that were prepared in this land.

Even Italians who don't live in Basilicata are surprised when they arrive in this magical land and discover its culinary delights.

Fortunately Pickleball in Italy is spreading fast and also in Basilicata (perfect place for Pickleball Travels) from summer 2023 many PB courts appeared. This is a unique occasion for Pickleball passionate coming from abroad to discover this Region and its amenities.

We designed the perfect Italian Pickleball Trip to allow our guests to live the wonders of the Basilicata nature, to visit the most attractive cities and to try the best Food & Wine Experiences during this unforgettable vacation.

Pickleball Travel Italy


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