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Flavio Fiore

Flavio was born in Basilicata, a land he loves deeply and considers a jewel to be preserved. He has a strong sense of belonging to his land and is a firm supporter of sustainable development and the valorization of the natural resources of this region.

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My Story

Flavio, an experienced energy engineer, travels the world for work and for passion. He has visited many countries with very different cultures and traditions, learning that diversity is the essence of beauty. Thanks to these travels, Flavio has confirmed that sport is a universal language that unites peoples and nations, overcoming any border.

Sport has always been an essential part of his life: he is a personal trainer and functional training instructor, he played basketball at a professional level for many years and has learned the importance of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. But for him, sport is much more than that: sharing, socializing, having fun and friendship. These are the main values that have brought him closer to Pickleball, which he loves to define as: a super inclusive sport that unites all generations in the same "KITCHEN".

Speaking of "KITCHEN", here is Flavio's other great passion: for years, during his free time, he has organized events for tourists in Milan to showcase the tradition and innovation of Italian food and wine.

This is the dream that Flavio wants to share with all of you: to unite the joy that only Pickleball, Food and Travel can give.


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