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Dario Laboragine

Dario was born in Basilicata, one of the most mysteriously beautiful regions in Italy, but has lived in northern Italy for years now, where he works in fashion, commuting between Turin and Milan.

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My Story

He calls himself an atypical engineer, literally obsessed with travel, sports, and good food. Always on the go, a hurricane of ideas and joy, he developed his passion for travel and relationships with people during university, when he worked as a volunteer for the largest association of foreign students, organizing trips for incoming students in Italy. He knows perfectly every corner, every flavor, every tradition, and every magic that only the BelPaese can offer. It is not uncommon to hear him repeat: everyone has the right to know what Beauty is! During his free time, if you don't find him in the pool or in a lake, or on his beloved bike, he may be writing a poem or singing folk songs in a local bar (he is not at all in tune). He only came across pickleball last year and it was love at first sight. It is said that he saw in the perforated ball the allegory of the world, through whose holes one can glimpse that much-desired Beauty. So why not share it with you with a dink!


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